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Book Review: The Happiness Recipe (Stella Newman)

I read The Happiness Recipe at a moment in my life where I needed an easy read; some down-to-earth chic lit that doesn't take it's self too seriously. I wasn't disappointed! The story is easy to follow, with enough suspense to keep me hooked and reading, whilst lacking the difficulty of the higher-brow books that I have read of late. Covid-19 and being in a second lockdown have affected my mental health negatively, and although I have plenty of choice on my 'to read' shelf, this was the perfect choice. Stella kept me reading and wanting more.

Susie is a thirty-something woman, working in a high profile job, who is unhappy with the current state of her career and love life. I enjoyed the variety of male characters (possible love interests) that Susie encountered throughout the book, and as a thirty-something woman myself, I related! The way that Stella has incorporated the theme of food throughout the book was clever and enjoyable; even though it did have me shopping for lots of tasty foods afterwards (this is not a bad thing).

If I was after a deep thought provoking read, this wouldn't have been a choice. But, this was the easy read that I much needed at the time. Heart warming.


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